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At Gray Rock Construction Management, we offer residential, commercial and industrial construction services to the Carleton Country & Miramichi Region. Based out of Miramichi & Florenceville-Bristol, we hold our business to a high standard of integrity that our New Brunswick clients have come to expect of us.


The Benefits of Choosing Gray Rock


Why should Gray Rock Construction Management be your electrical contractor of choice?


  • 24 hour emergency service for commercial clients
  • We offer a 10 year labour warranty on top of the manufacturer parts warranty for heat pumps and minisplits
  • Free quotes and consultations
  • More than 25 years of experience
  • Competitive pricing
  • Friendly and honest service!


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Still don’t believe we’re the right choice for the job? Maybe these happy customers can change your mind!

Joel DeMerchant
Harvest House Woodstock

Of all the upgrades and renovations we have been doing to our community drop-in center since November 2015, the four minisplits we purchased and had installed by Gray Rock Construction have proven to be the most cost effective.

Gray Rock installed three 18,000 btu units and one 12,000 btu unit in our 6,300 square foot facility in early November 2016. We have had a full year to compare the results of usage on our power bill with the original rooftop heating system and the new Keep-Rite minisplits from Gray Rock. We were very surprised with the savings!

First of all, one must understand that we have a fair bit of traffic coming and going through our doors each week, so we do lose a certain amount of heated or cool air regardless of what system we use…BUT we had no idea just how much we would be saving! I am still surprised at the difference today.

We checked the numbers three times because the first two times I thought that surely I must have missed something, but much to our surprise we had saved a little more than $5,000! These Keep-Rite minisplits are literally paying for themselves in record time. During our first year we kept the heat set at 18 degrees Celsius all winter long, and set at 20 degrees Celsius for cooling in the summer.

Many people have commented on how much better they thought our new heating/cooling system was, how even the temperature stayed no matter where one was in the building and how quiet the systems run. These systems come with a full comprehensive 10 year parts and labor warranty, and that means only one thing to us – we can’t lose!

If you are using a heating/cooling source that is electrically powered, I would recommend giving Jeff Cox a call and have him take a look at what Gray Rock can do for you.


Respectfully yours,


Joel DeMerchant


Executive Director
Harvest House Woodstock
506-594-5000 | 506-245-4086

Kevin Pelletier of Grand Falls

I had two minisplits installed by Jeff and his team at Gray Rock Construction. The product is awesome. I’ve never had the temperature so equal all through my house like I do now!

The service is impeccable! They came to my house, checked everything and told me exactly what I needed. They did not twist my arm to buy anything. They were honest and respectful. The price was beyond reasonable, so I decided right away to get two of them. And I also asked him if he could change my old fuse panel to breakers while he was there, and they did.

Financing was available and I got my answer within a few minutes on the spot. I had a question one Sunday evening. I messaged Jeff and he replied right away, answering all my questions. I would recommend Jeff and his team at Gray Rock in a heartbeat!


Thanks again!

Rev. Aaron J. DeMarchant

I had two units installed into our 5 bedroom house in the fall of 2017 by Gray Rock Construction. Prior to this, I had always used wood as my primary source of heating during the colder months. I used to spend about $1,500 each year purchasing wood, and on top of that cost, my monthly power bill was around $250 during the colder months.

The savings on my NB Power bill have been minimal but not more than what I was paying when burning wood. The main financial gain for me is that I did not even have to burn one chord of wood this winter. Normally I burn six to seven chords of wood to heat my home. This means that I will not be spending the annual cost of $1,500 on wood for another six years and I won’t have all the work and dirt that comes with burning wood. No one could be happier about this than I am. By the time I will need to buy wood again I will have saved about $9,000. That means I will have the units paid for before I need to buy wood again. This is a huge savings for me and I am very happy about it.

Gray Rock made these units affordable for me to purchase and install. Their staff members were very nice and have a good understanding of my needs and expectations as well as their product. This was a hassle free process for me and there were no messes to clean up behind them when they were finished with the installations. The units work great and are very easy to maintain. I highly recommend Gray Rock and the Keep Right Mini-split.


A Satisfied Customer!

Financing is available through Beaubear Credit Union

Lehman Tozer – River Signs

Gray Rock is a valued supplier for our company. They can be trusted for quality work at a fair price. We are pleased to recommend them for renovation and electrical services. We hired them for a renovation/electrical project before opening our new shop. They completed the job on a tight timeline and the job was done right! Jeff and his team kept us up to date on their progress throughout the process and we were able to open on schedule. Next time we have a project, we’ll be calling Gray Rock again!

2311 King George Hwy. Miramichi, NB E1V 6S3
(506) 773-7446 | www.riversigns.ca

Craig Hamilton – LiUNA!

Just a little note to tell you how happy I have been with the minisplit that you and your guys installed last summer for me. Not only is it great in the summer but my heat bill has went down every month this winter, even at times when my billing cycle was two and three days more this past winter. To top it off, I’ve kept my house at a higher temperature than I did in the past years. You and your employees did a great job.
P.S. If I happen to move to Moncton this coming summer and need a minisplit, do you ever install in that area?

Thanks again!

Craig Hamilton
Training Director | LiUNA!
572-D New Maryland Highway | New Maryland, NB E3C 1B7
506-452-7643 (office) | 506-459-3974 (fax)